Employee Testimonials

David Chatelain, Civil Engineer

Beta Engineering

Beta is a good place to work because the people here have high expectations and challenge you to do your best. At the same time, everybody is very willing and eager to help you succeed with your task. Beta has a demanding but positive and friendly work environment.

Michael Doggett, Summer Intern

Beta Engineering

As a Beta intern, I was immediately welcomed and the staff was eager to get me started. I have felt like part of the team and have been treated with respect. I highly recommend the job to anyone looking for experience.

Jeff Lass, Electrical Engineer

Beta Engineering

I enjoy working at Beta because of the positive atmosphere and the people I get to interact with every day. The Beta family consists of great people who are caring and easy to get along with. We also take a great deal of pride in our work, which helps us work together to complete jobs to the best of our ability.

Courtney Carr, Summer Intern

Beta Engineering

Beta Engineering has provided me with the confidence and experience needed to face challenges in and outside of the classroom. They have given me opportunities to actively participate on job specific projects and make me feel like an important part of their team! They truly value the work I do, making my internship full of learning and growth.

Jeff Bridges, Project Manager

Beta Engineering

Here at Beta, every day is an opportunity. Taking a design from concept to reality is what we do.